High-speed Internet Access in Brentwood, TN

If you are located in the Brentwood, TN area, LINK111 can provide you with high-speed, no-hassle Internet access with data rates up to 100 times faster than a 56K dial-up connection and less expensive than DSL, Cable, or T-1.

LINK111 is a division ICG Link, Inc. also providing Professional Web Design and Rock Solid Web Hosting for businesses everywhere.

The LINK111 Business Network


The LINK111 Business Network is based on the proven reliability and stability of T-1 and faster data transfer technology. Businesses connect to the Internet at much higher speeds and more reliably than is possible over standard telephone lines, DSL or cable. Office buildings on the network are connected to each other through a fixed wireless network with VPN security and businesses in connected buildings are hardwired directly to the incoming network.


The LINK111 Business Network is currently being made available in the Brentwood, TN area in the vicinity of the Synergy Business Park. If your building has been connected to our network, you can enjoy the speed and reliability of T-1 service at a fraction of the cost.


  • Broadband Network Service.
  • Higher data rates than dial-up service.
  • No waiting to connect.
  • On Line all the time.
  • No disconnections.
  • No need to pay for an extra telephone line.
  • Large file transfers done in seconds.
  • Lower cost than other high-speed services.

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